About Us

OUTLINE is a powerful tool to help visualize, design, compare and share extruder screw configurations.

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PRODUCTLINE is a formulation management software product that helps design formulations and optimize formulation cost.

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Who we are

STEER Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (STEER IT) is an organization dedicated to providing high quality software products and solutions to organizations using extrusion in their manufacturing processes.  We believe that quality is a hallmark of excellence and that easy to use, quality software solutions help organizations achieve more.

We are a part of the STEER group of companies.  STEER has over fifteen years of expertise in the twin-screw extrusion industry.  With its proven abilities and innovative leadership in several areas of extrusion technology, STEER has grown into an internationally recognized leader in the extrusion industry.

What we do

We pioneer innovative software solutions to address the requirements of the Polymer, Pharmaceutical and Food Processing industries.

Our strengths in information technology coupled with a solid understanding of the extrusion process and access to experts in extrusion technology have enabled us to create the Σ LINE 6 suite of software solutions.  This high quality suite of software is cost effective, easy to use and addresses almost every requirement of organizations using twin screw extrusion in their manufacturing processes.

Why STEER IT's software products

The comprehensive solutions provided by STEER IT's suite of software products are based on best practices used in the extrusion industry.  Our suite of software solutions provides a critical edge in enabling your organization to achieve Six Sigma standards.

We ensure your requirements are addressed and continually work toward further enhancing our solutions. This ensures our products stay current and continue to meet the constantly evolving requirements of the industry.

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