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OUTLINE is a powerful tool to help visualize, design, compare and share extruder screw configurations.

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PRODUCTLINE is a formulation management software product that helps design formulations and optimize formulation cost.

Formulation Design

PRODUCTLINE simplifies the task of building formulations by allowing raw materials to be organized into Grades, Colors and Intermediate Formulations thus reducing errors and the need for repetitive selection of raw materials.

Cost Optimization

PRODUCTLINE optimizes formulation cost by selecting the lowest-cost raw material across suppliers.  Additionally, formulation cost can also be automatically optimized by reducing the use of more expensive raw materials and increasing the use of cheaper raw materials subject to user-defined tolerance limits for raw material percentages in a formulation.

Automate Complex Calculations

PRODUCTLINE automates the complex process of blend calculation avoiding costly manual errors and improving efficiency.

Manage Raw Materials

Raw material properties, their cost and supplier details are recorded and maintained within PRODUCTLINE.  PRODUCTLINE provides the ability to replace a raw material with another across grades, colors and formulations.

Manage Test Results

PRODUCTLINE generates quality certificates by comparing pre-defined release criteria for the formulation against actual test results.

Comprehensive Reports & Analytical Tools

PRODUCTLINE's process specification sheet consolidates all of the information needed to manufacture a formulation into a single report.  This comprehensive report helps streamline the formulation manufacture process.

The formulation tree feature decomposes a formulation into its constituents and provides an expanded hierarchical tree view of the formulation.

Ingredient map displays the grades and formulations that use a particular raw material providing at a glance visualization of raw material usage across grades and formulations.

Data Import

Master data can be imported into PRODUCTLINE saving time and eliminating/reducing data entry errors.

Data Security

Secure role-based, password-protected access to the application keeps data tamper-proof.  Audit logs track creates, edits and deletes to the data.

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