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PRODUCTLINE is a formulation management software product that helps design formulations and optimize formulation cost.

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OUTLINE is a powerful tool to visualize, design, compare and share extruder screw configurations. Its easy to use features and extensive extruder database make OUTLINE the most preferred screw configuration software.  Several companies world-wide have benefited from the use of this innovative software product.  Click here for a list of some of our customers.

Realistic representation of screw configurations

OUTLINE's realistic representation of elements helps identify the various screw elements at a glance making it easier to visualize and design screw configurations.  Struggling with block diagrams / wireframe representations / annotated photographs and element codes is a thing of the past.

User-friendly interface

OUTLINE's user-friendly interface allows elements and barrels to be easily added, changed or removed.  It's just a single click to place an element or barrel on the shaft or to remove a barrel or element from the shaft.  OUTLINE also provides easily viewed, detailed properties for each element in an extruder library.

Standard design rules

OUTLINE utilizes a database of screw configuration design rules to prevent creation of unworkable screw configurations, thus reducing errors and the time taken to design configurations.

Visual comparison of screw configurations

OUTLINE provides the ability to visually compare multiple configurations allowing detailed scrutiny and analysis of differences and similarities between configurations.

Large database of extruders

OUTLINE has the largest database of extruder libraries and is not limited to any particular extruder.  New extruder libraries are constantly being added.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Ease of locating, retrieving, creating, editing and comparing screw configurations.
  • Continuous support, upgrades and updates for the duration of the product subscription.
  • Constant enhancements to meet the continuously evolving requirements of the extrusion industry.
  • Easy import and export of screw configuration data.
  • Comprehensive and useful reports.
  • Usage-based subscription plans.